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A Will is a legal document where you provide certain instructions to be carried out in the event of your death. Any individual with assets should consider having a Will, and it is expected that parents of minor children have a properly drafted Will.

Your Will names beneficiaries who will receive your assets upon your death. You can leave your assets to individuals (family members, friends, spouses, and domestic partners) or to organizations (charities, foundations, or educational institutions). Your Will can also list specific items that you want specific individuals to receive. Without a Will, these specific requests may not be made as you wish and the court may make decisions that you would not have made on your own.

Who Will Care for Your Children?

For parents of minor children, your Will nominates a person to be responsible to care for your children until they reach the age of 18, if you no longer are able to take care of them. You can also name a person to care for your children’s finances. Without a Will, the court is left without information as to your wishes regarding your child’s care and the court must decide without your input.

Young families should create a Will to plan for an unseen tragedy, and older families, especially grandparents, can use a will to ensure assets and property are distributed according to their wishes. It may seem difficult to plan for the events after one’s death, but the peace of mind attained from having a proper Will provides security to all.

Without a Will, your property passes to individuals (or the state) based on the California Probate Code. To take control of how your assets, property, and care of your love ones will be handled Email or call me at 818-347-5800.

My Commitment to Clients – I am an Effective & Responsive Lawyer

Helping you create a Will that serves your needs requires that I spend time with you to discuss your situation and ensure that your plans are properly documented. I will explain the overall estate planning process and answer any questions you may have. Your Will will be efficiently drafted and reviewed to your satisfaction.

Clients find that I am highly responsive to their needs. I return client phone calls quickly — in fact, I guarantee that I will do so in two business days or credit the client with $100 toward legal fees. If all fees are paid the client receives a check.

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My office is located in Woodland Hills, near the 101 freeway between the Canoga Ave and Topanga Canyon exits. Evening and weekend appointments may be arranged. Importantly, you will meet with me, attorney Jonathan Leventhal, not another attorney or paralegal. To schedule a consultation Email me or call 818-347-5800.