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Special Needs Trusts and Estate Attorney in California

Establishing a Special Needs Trust California

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Family, as defined by the law, isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition in the world in which we live. The courts typically handle estate issues involving surviv

Legal Counsel for Creating a Trust for Those with Special Needs

If you have a family member currently receiving public benefits, or who will be eligible to receive benefits in the future, a Special Needs Trust should probably be part of your estate plan. It can be set up with your estate plan so that it is created upon the death of parents or other family members. Another option, an Irrevocable Trust can be created to the benefit of the disabled person during a parent’s or relative’s lifetime.

Form a Special Needs Trust to Allow the Supplement of Benefits

Creating a Special Needs Trust is a method for you to provide help to an individual who is already receiving government benefits. Using a trust allows funds to aid a disabled person, without disqualifying them from benefits such as SSI and Medi-Cal.

Sometimes, Special Needs Trusts are created when a disabled family member will receive funds from a settlement or an inheritance, therefore having the money in a trust will still allow the government benefits to be received with the help of trust and estate attorney.

Extra Care for Your Loved Ones

Providing for your family is important, especially when children or relatives cannot provide for themselves. Government benefits help care for the disabled, but you can further provide for special options using a Special Needs Trust to ensure your loved one is comfortable and well taken care of.

A Special Needs Trust can help your disabled loved ones, without disqualifying them from government benefits. Call me to learn more about Estate Planning Options. I offer free consultations and the highest level of service. 818-347-5800

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