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Conservator of Person Mentally Ill in LA, California

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If a parent or a loved one is mentally ill and no longer in the right state of mind to make sound decisions about their financial and physical well-being, chances are the opportunity has passed to set up a power of attorney. However, a conservatorship Los Angeles can achieve the same goal through different means. A conservatorship would allow someone who cares to be appointed to make important decisions about health care and finances on your loved one’s behalf.

When a conservatorship is permitted, and a conservator is appointed, the duties and restrictions of the conservator of person must be clearly outlined in the conservatorship in order to protect the conservatee from malicious, illegal, or wrongful actions regarding their finances, estate, or related issues.

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Protecting the Interests of Those You Love

Mostly in California, conservatorships are very effective estate planning tools when protecting a person’s estate is necessary. Especially in cases where elderly parents live apart from their adult children, a conservatorship can help protect your loved one from people who are interested in manipulating them for their own gain.

The court can appoint a conservator in a conservatorship proceeding only after it determines that the person is in need of protection. The court may appoint a conservator of the estate, to care for a person’s property and finances; or the court can appoint a conservator of the person, to provide for the person’s medical care and other personal requirements. The court may grant a conservator both powers, if necessary.

In the case of an elderly parent, it is best to begin the process of establishing a conservatorship before the parent loses all ability to manage his or her own care, due to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or another medical condition.

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