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Pour-Over Will Attorney in Los Angeles County

Pour-Over Will Attorney in Los Angeles County

If you are contemplating your choices with regards to estate planning, then you might be mulling whether you need a living trust or a will. In fact, even if you have a revocable trust, you might still have a few trusts under your portfolio. In my experience serving as a Pour-Over Will Attorney in Los Angeles County, I get asked many questions from my clients about the various facets of a Pour-over will. Let me explain a few things below–

Advantages of Pour-over will

When you make a revocable living trust, you pass on your property to the trustee. Many people have often questioned as to why they need a will if they are already taking a living. There’s a simple answer to that: it is a good idea to have all your wealth documented. In fact, it is better even to have just one document to cover your entire estate. Above, that there are a few more advantages of a will:

  • Simplicity: Attorneys are of the opinion that it is best to have all your wealth documented because it makes it easier to figure out who gets what instead of going through chunks of documents that lead to inconclusive decisions.
  • Gets accounted: Another thing to consider is that when you create a living trust, you would not transfer all of your finances into your trust. The pour-over will ensures that your entire estate is accounted for and anything you left out in your trust also gets accounted for.


  • Privacy: Trusts are private records – unlike wills which have to be in the public records after you die. Thus a pour-over will allows the details of your inheritance to remain private after your death.

Planning your estate

Just like other wills, pour-over wills assign someone to inherit your estate after you die and in that way works just like the living trusts.

There are many people who are unable to make their choices toward the end of their lives. Specialists can some of the time keep individuals alive uncertainly using life-managing measures. Would you need to be kept alive regardless of the possibility that there was no trust of recuperation? There is no set in stone response to this inquiry; however you answer it when you make your living will. A Pour-Over Will Attorney in Los Angeles County answers all your questions regarding this will. You most likely have numerous inquiries if you are looking ahead toward your senior years and the monetary legacy that you will be deserting to your friends and family.

Things to learn about Pour-over will

The pour-over will oversees the dissemination of your benefits that won’t have to go through a probate. These advantages incorporate your vehicles and belongings. The pour-over will is set up to manage what will happen to such resources.

The pour-over will is there just in the event that there are a few resources that still need to go through careful probate, as already mentioned. The pour – over will commonly leaves these advantages for your living trust to be dispersed by the terms of the trust.

As a Pour-Over Will Attorney in Los Angeles County, I can ensure that everything is done keeping in line with the directives of the state and thus make certain that all your finances are well distributed as per your wish.