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Overview of My Estate Planning

Woodland Hills Law Office – Helping Southern CA Families Plan

Thinking about what may happen to your loved ones in the event of your death probably isn’t something you like to do. But by creating a plan that dictates who should take care of your dependent loved ones and how your assets should be distributed, you can worry a little bit less. My Los Angeles area estate planning law practice can help.

Protection, Distribution and Caring for Loved Ones

I can help you create a total plan to ensure your assets are properly protected form taxes, probate, or even people you may no longer wish to support. For example, many ex-spouses are legally entitled to assets unless various documentation is updated (a life insurance beneficiary listing is one type). More commonly, estate plans spell out how your property and assets are to be distributed among children, relatives, loved ones, or even to organizations as donations. Conservatorship actions may also be required.

Making sure your loved ones are cared for is undoubtedly the most important aspect of estate planning. Your will can designate who should care for your children, and trusts can establish a system to assure financial support for your children, disabled family members, or even for the long term health care of a parent, your spouse, or yourself.

Let me, attorney Jonathan Leventhal, personally handle your estate planning documentation. From your free initial consultation to the final signing and filing of your paperwork, you will interact with me, not a paralegal. Call 818-347-5800.

My Approach to Helping You Create a Legal Roadmap to Handle the Future

It all starts with a free consultation. We will discuss your current situation, and your goals for the future. I will then explain the various ways to plan for the future and we can decide what would best work for you and your loved ones. Should you be ready to proceed with creating any legal documentation, we will formally enter an attorney-client relationship and I will be retained as your estate planning lawyer.

Importantly, you will deal directly with me throughout the whole process, not another attorney or paralegal. Resolving probate or creating your plan won’t happen overnight, but I will be accessible should you have any questions or concerns and I promptly react to your communications. In fact, should any client call me, and I fail to return their call within 2 business days – I will credit that client $100 towards legal fees (or write a check to the client if all fees have been paid to date).

Contact Me for Help with Probate or to Create a Will, Trust, or Complete Estate Plan

Find out how a my personal service, experience, and dedication can help you. From a simple will to a comprehensive estate plan, I offer a range of legal services from my Woodland Hills, Los Angeles County office. Credit Cards are accepted and evening or weekend appointments may be arranged if your schedule requires. Email me or call to schedule a free consultation: 818-347-5800.