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Estate Probate Lawyer in Los Angeles

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Unless property is in a trust, the transfer of some assets (regardless if listed in a will) requires court involvement. The court-supervised process is called probate.

The Typical Probate Process

A person petitions the court for the authority to administer the estate and become the personal representative (executor or administrator).

  • The probate court reviews the will (if one exists).
  • The court can then grant the executor or administrator the right to represent the estate of the deceased.
  • Assets are inventoried, debts and taxes are paid, and any expense related to the administration of the estate are settled.
  • The personal representative provides a detailed report to the court, outlining the result of the financial and property dealings above.
  • The court will review the plan for asset distribution to the proper beneficiaries, and approve distribution by the executor or administrator.


Although Probate can be a complicated and lengthy process, hiring an attentive and responsive lawyer lessens your stress and helps a proper distribution occur. Call the Law Offices of Jonathan Leventhal, at .

An Effective & Responsive Attorney Helping You Through a Difficult Time

If you have questions about property that will end up in probate court, or need a representative to help, please contact me. I will explain the process of probate and answer any questions you may have. I can be the personal estate probate attorney of a relative or other loved one in Los Angeles and take care of court proceedings.

I understand that dealing with property of the deceased can be a sensitive topic. Our conversations will be confidential, and I am highly responsive to your needs. I guarantee that I will return any client calls within two business days or credit the client with $100 toward legal fees, if all fees are paid the client receives a check.

Probate lawyer

When someone died with or without executing the will then the executor of the will, file the case in probate court in order to transfer the assets legally to the family members as per the will’s instruction. The probate lawyer Los Angeles CA is also known as estate lawyer or an estate attorney.

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It costs you nothing to call, and you can learn more about the process and what to expect in probate court. I serve clients throughout southern California from my Woodland Hills office. Appointments on evenings and on weekends may be arranged. Send an Email or call  818.347.5800