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Probate Attorney serving Los Angeles, Ventura and the San Fernando Valley

As Probate Attorney serving Los Angeles, Ventura and the San Fernando Valley, my sole purpose is to assist you through settlement of your wills and trusts. When a loved one has passed over, there is a lot that one goes through. Certainly settling disputes of financial matters should not be one of them. As a probate attorney, you can leverage my expertise in facilitating and distributing the financial assets to the heirs. My first-hand teaching experience at a California accredited Law School in Los Angeles also is an asset for me, where I teach Introduction to Legal Studies and Wills, Trusts & Estates.

When you look for a probate attorney, you have to deal with a death in your family and also have to maintain a budget.

How I can help?

My services are totally free of paralegals. Spending time around paralegals can be quite a task especially when you have to get through to your attorney during emergencies. This is why I work with my clients directly and provide them a more private and personal approach that is essential to probate cases.

During a probate, I assist you when the court calls all the heirs to claim their due. You need an experienced attorney by your side to present your case to the court. As an experienced Probate Attorney, my assistance will surely help you chalk the course smoothly. In all these years of practice the one thing that I’ve learned and always advice to clients is this – the matters of the southern California court have to be dealt with minutely – which I specialize in providing.

Probate assistance

The probate process requires time and effort; and I understand that at sensitive times like these, you require things to go as smoothly as possible. In LA, you will have to sign a petition for the probate initially and a publication notice shall be given out in the newspapers. It is after these steps have been completed a notice to the creditors is given.

However, if there is no litigation, the entire process of probation can take up to a year once the assets are marshaled and the executor of the administration is appointed. However, so much can happen when your probate disputes are stretched. You are already dealing with a crucial stage after the passing of one of the members in your family. Plus, as one ages and life moves on, stretching the disputes for longer time seem like a bad option.

Considering mediation?

If your probate or conservatorship is contested then mediation can be a good option for you to consider. The benefits of mediation are as follows:

  • It can cause settlement of the dispute outside of the court and without a trial
  • It can save money for both the involved parties
  • It can save time too – most of the mediations are solved within a day
  • It makes sure that all your points are heard and that a neutral decision is taken. Even the judges and the jury aren’t heard until they are asked to.
  • Everyone gets a fair chance during mediations and therefore it benefits everyone concerned.

If you need a Probate Attorney serving Los Angeles, Ventura and the San Fernando Valley, don’t hesitate to call me immediately.