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Los Angeles Probate Attorney Debunks Probate Myths 1

May 17, 2016

Probate is sure a complicated issue if handled with negligence from the onset of the plan. But, there is the need to get adequate information before planning your estate. The first goal should be how your assets will be preserved for the family members inheriting them or your beneficiaries. Another thing is protecting the future of those concerned without any form of embarrassment upon your death. While anyone can get virtually all the needed information from books, you must know there are lots of misconceptions that only a qualified attorney can professionally explained. Here, this article sets to demystify those fallacies associated with this process.

Uncountable years of completion

This is one thing that makes people nearly take the wrong step while planning their estate. You must understand that the probate process varies from one state to another. This is why it is necessary to consult with your Los Angeles Probate Attorney for the right information guiding the state of things here in Los Angeles. Before you are deceived into running from pillar to pole, your state’s attorney should be consulted on the appropriate law governing the duration of its probate process.

The truth here is that probate takes a lot of steps. No one will doubt such protocols from the period of debt settlement including all bills and then the actual distribution of estate. Would you believe if one told you that a normal probate steps could be completed within 7 to 8 months or in less than a year? This is the hardest truth to believe because you have been fed with that notion of the process taking years.

You must first understand the situation that surround you that will determine if yours (the duration) will be long or short.

  • The summary procedure of your state. If this is small and also simple, you can be sure of completing the process within a short time.
  • Estate complication. If yours is the simple type, well organized, you need not entertain fear of longer duration. It is a complicated estate requiring time to put things in order and sort different things out that calls for longer time. This includes the process of sorting out piles of receipt and papers, paying debts, gathering assets and filling tax returns. The implication of this is that if your estate is complex and large in nature, you can begin to work towards proper organization before it is too late.
  • Many properties. If the number of property to be disposed is many, then, expect a longer duration.
  • Lawsuit against estate. If your estate has been challenged in court or there is any presence of lawsuit, be ready for a prolonged process.
  • Absence of will. If there is no will and there is difficulty in getting those designated beneficiaries, it may take a longer time.

In absence of any of these factors, you can be sure of an easy Los Angeles probate process.


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