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Living Trust Granada Hills

Living Trust Granada Hills

Leventhal Law Group – Place Your Trust in a Living Trust – Granada Hills

Living Trust Granada Hills


With legal devices like wills, trusts and estate planning, you can arrange for your estate to be inherited by your loved one’s after you die. But did you know that a trust for your inheritors can be funded by you while life still flows through your veins? Yes, you heard right. Living Trust Granada Hills is the right word for it.

Create a Living Trust with your assets and finances, anything that you would want your family to have after your death, and save them the costs that they would have to incur, had you created a will instead. Wills and testamentary trusts require validation from the probate court after the settlor’s death and it is a time consuming and possibly expensive affair for the beneficiaries and executors.

Why Living Trusts are more Trust-worthy than Wills

Dodge Probate
With a living trust, you never have to worry about going through probate. Probate is only required when the court reviews a will, and since you’ve already got a trust set up for your beneficiaries, the inheritance process will be hassle-free. Your successor trustee will take care of your debts and creditors and your beneficiaries will receive their inheritance faster than in the execution of a will

Takes the Expense Out of It
Living Trusts are cheaper than wills when it comes to their execution after the settlor’s death. Your family members can avoid the expensive costs of hiring attorneys and other court fees that are involved in the process and spend less on receiving your inheritance after your death.

It’s In Your Control
When you set up a living trust, you get to decide who to appoint as the successor trustee after you, to execute the specifications of the Trust if ever you become ill or incapacitated. The trustee can manage your assets and financial affairs on your behalf without having to seek assistance from the court.

Personal and Private
A living trust is executed privately. Unlike in the case of execution of a will, where in the will requires probate from court – a public procedure. Your estate will be distributed to beneficiaries privately, and is not kept on public record.

Conservatorship is settled
A settlor of a living trust Granada Hills never has to worry about conservatorship. This is because, the successor trustee take’s up the job of managing your estate and financial affairs if you fall ill or are incapacitated.

The cost of creating a Living Trust is a little higher than that of a Will. But the benefits of cost are seen during execution of the trust, as there are lesser expenses incurred to execute a trust than to execute a will, and your devastated family members who are still reeling from your death, will appreciate fewer hassles for these legal procedures. Executing a Trust is easier, gives you more privacy and peace of mind in the event of the loved ones demise.

At Leventhal Law Group, our attorneys are committed to standing by you in times of loss. We want to make the entire procedure of inheritance and matters regarding Elder Law a hassle free task. With attorneys who are well versed with estate planning and specifications of wills, trusts and other such documents, we can assist you in all your inheritance requirements in times of loss of a dear one.

Living Trust Granada Hills

Living Trust Granada Hills










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