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Conservatorship Mentally Ill: Essential Tips

May 09, 2016

If you have a relative; either a child, spouse or any loved one who is mentally ill, you can be sure of confusion and stress combined. Mental illness is so prevalent in our society that we don’t pray to be direct recipient and participants of such situations because it has lead many into states of dilemma. The pain of seeing your loved one being arrested for murder or attempted suicide can be so perplexing. How would you feel, if you are told your daughter has been arrested for stealing because of her state of schizophrenia?

It is painful I must confess, and that is when people begin to think of conservatorship mentally ill, but the big question is, who will be the conservator of my beloved child? Would you prefer to be the conservator of your child or leave it in the hand of someone else? Remember, if it is any other person other than you, he or she will be in control of all decisions relating to your ward. So, for a mentally ill relative, how should we go about the conservatorship?

The need for another person as conservator for your ward isn’t because you can’t take care of him/her enough, but maybe he isn’t responding, or rather, cooperating with you when it comes to taking his or her  medications or going to see his/her doctor for any given appointment. While you may be happy to be his or her guardian in order to be able to make decisions for him or her as a parent or close relative, what happens when he becomes temporarily okay? Will he or she still allow you to make decisions for him or her?

There have been lots of heartbreaking stories from parents concerning their children who have become uncontrollable. That is why choosing an outsider who you can trust with your child may be the right way out. What factors should you consider before deciding on who your ward’s guardian should be?

  • The first step is consultation with an experienced conservatorship Attorney Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana, Chatsworth and the entire San Fernando Valley. What you need is a listening ear and an understanding/empathetic heart. If you are considering conservatorship mentally ill, it is not a decision you take under pressure or from distress, you need a specialist who has handled similar cases to put you through.
  • Consider your schedule. Are you a retiree, a businessman/woman or a working person having lots of responsibilities? How would you be able to manage the conservatorship with your daily duties? This factor will determine if you need another person or if you will take up the responsibility yourself.
  • The welfare of your ward. If your mentally ill relative will fare better with another person, you don’t need to insist on you being in charge of his or her conservatorship mentally ill. You can give up the attachment for the sake of your ward’s welfare and allow another person take up the role.

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