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Although we in southern California live busy lives, it is critical to take the time to plan for the future well being of our children and other loved ones.

A Will is a legal document where you provide certain instructions to be carried out in the event of your death. Any individual …

Unless property is in a trust, the transfer of some assets (regardless if listed in a will) requires court involvement.

Asset protection is part of proper estate planning. Asset protection involves several different goals: to protect existing assets,…

Families composed of stepchildren now outnumber traditional families according to the U.S. Census Bureau,…

Family, as defined by the law, isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition in the world in which we live. The courts typically handle estate issues involving…

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  • How do I accurately assess the value of my estate? How is it determined?

    Value is assessed based on the gross value of your entire estate. That includes your real estate and any other assets that you have. It is not based upon the equity.
  • Is your legal work going to be handled by an attorney or a paralegal?

    Are you getting a licensed professional to prepare, handle, and review your documents? You’re paying for an attorney, you want the qualifications of an attorney.
  • What does it cost? How much does an estate plan cost?

    It depends on the size of the estate, are they married or single? Do they own property? How large is the overall estate? Do you have kids? How many? A complete estate plan can cost from as little as $1,000 to as much as $25,000 for very complex plans that include video recordings.
  • Do I need a trust to avoid probate ? What does it include?

    Do you own real property? What’s the size of your estate? Do you own intellectual property? If you own real property and or have property that is in excess of $150,000 (That is not directly passing to a beneficiary) you should have a trust.

Estate Planning Attorney Woodland Hills

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